New Oakley Windjacket 2.0 Replica Sunglasses

Oakley’s Wind Jacket 2.0 sunnies are not for the faint of heart; they are big and bright, but are a solid set of cycling shades.

They are technically positioned in the brand’s lineup as a ‘goggle’, and with the massive coverage, removable triple layer face foam and even an optional strap, this description is apt, but I’d still classify them as sunglasses.

From the top of the frame to the bottom it measures 80mm, that’s nearly double the 53mm of the Jawbreaker and similarly-sized POC DO Blade. This additional size did cause the top of the frame to bump on some lower slung helmets, such as the Scott Centric Plus, POC Octal and the new Bontrager Velocis, however there was no such issue with the Met Strale.

That said, with such a large lens the frame sits well outside your field of view, even in full aero TT position.

The Windjackets dwarf the POC DO Blades (left) and Oakley EV Zero Path (right)

At their widest point, the Wind Jacket 2.0s measure 150mm, with the lower section of the lens slightly scalloped to make a bit of room for your cheekbones.

The ‘Unobtanium’ nosepiece isn’t adjustable on the Wind Jacket 2.0 and it’s strung quite wide too. For the record, I have a pretty big schnoz, and the wide nosepiece perched the sunnies in just the right spot on my face, those with noses closer to the button variety might not find the same fit.

In rare form for Oakley replica, the ear stocks aren’t rubberised, and are quite short. Tested with every lid I had lying around the office, the arms don’t do not interfere with the retention system and despite the lack of tacky coating stayed planted on my face through extremely rocky sections of singletrack and washboard dirt roads.

As the Wind Jacket 2.0s are classified as a google they come with a removable strip of triple density face foam, which plugs into the vents at the top of the lens. The idea of this being to prevent debris, sweat and some wind from sneaking over the top of the frame and into your eyes. I found it was hot and quickly became saturated with sweat, as with helmet pads, and I quickly removed it.

I didn’t have any trouble with fogging, in a wide range of temperatures. With decent sized vents at the top of the lens and small channels in the bottom corners, in combination with the lens actually sitting quite far off your face, there is plenty of airflow to the lens that combats moisture.

The coverage is second to only a google and I would argue that the Wind Jacket 2.0s offer a similar amount of protection without many of the negatives that come with riding in goggles.

These sunnies really shined in the rain with the massive lens creating a veritable shield against moisture falling from the sky, but also the water, mud and grit that gets kicked up off the ground by other riders.

Why We Love to Hate Cheap Tiny Sunglasses

All fashion trends are scams, but every so often, one bubbles up in the aggregate consciousness, banishment us all to be mad at it at the aforementioned time. Right now it’s cheap tiny sunglasses, those diminutive, almost eyeball-size versions that don’t assume to accomplish their declared action of accouterment adumbration actual able-bodied at all. But again, like all appearance trends, their abridgement of acumen isn’t why we’re mad at them.

Because to be fair, aggregate fashionable is beneath applied than the alternative, which is either a) getting actually naked if it’s hot, b) cutting account jumpsuits with a actor pockets if it’s medium, or c) cutting the derma of an astronomic bristling beastly if it’s cold. That clothes are not consistently anatomic is hardly controversial. And yet cheap tiny sunglasses are.

Last week, two bona fide famouses echoed the opinions abounding others had already bidding over drinks or online during the accomplished year, which is that these things are bad. “I anticipate we will affliction this tiny sunglasses look,” tweeted Mindy Kaling; Anne Hathaway again took a screenshot and Instagrammed it in agreement.

That “tiny sunglasses look” is generally traced aback to a January adventure of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, in which Kim says that her bedmate Kanye West beatific her an email abhorrent her from cutting big sunglasses anymore. “He beatific me like, millions of ’90s photos with tiny little glasses like this,” she said.

Kanye didn’t ad-lib the improvement of this trend some acclaim Adam Selman, or Alessandro Michele, or Balenciaga, or abate brands like George Keburia or Poppy Lissiman nor did he ad-lib the beyond artful that replica tiny sunglasses abatement within, which is about a awakening of millennium-era pop ability and tech (which is why baby shades generally end up searching like Matrix cosplay).

This is adequately predictable, because the oft-referenced abstraction that air-conditioned adolescent humans are fatigued to trends that were accepted if they were too adolescent to yield allotment in them. A 20-year-old today would accept been an baby if The Matrix came out, so one could accomplish the altercation that if Bella Hadid wears comically baby sunglasses, she is artlessly subconsciously bombastic an abstraction that to her, feels novel.

The alarm beat of appearance is aswell partly amenable here. i-D declared the tiny glasses as a backfire adjoin the “hate-blockers” of the accomplished decade-plus: “2018’s micro-lens is free. It’s unabashed. It embraces its eye bags, its albino eyebrows, its weirdness. It exposes the face of the wearer, whoever, wherever they are.”

Still, why do they affect such vitriol? After all, abounding humans who were teenagers or adults about the millennium wore teensy ellipsoidal glasses after it activity somewhat disgusting — even Goldie Hawn wore the angled Lolita versions (impeccably!) in The First Wives Club.

I asked my aide Eliza Brooke, who knows actually aggregate about fashion, who has spent a ample bulk of time a part of professionally adolescent and hot people, and who aswell despises this accurate trend. “It feels like a pissing challenge amid acutely admirable humans beneath the age of 25,” she says. “It’s like they’re aggravating to one-up anniversary added in award the a lot of camp eyewear on the planet in adjustment to appearance that no amount what they wear, they abide cool hot.”

I anticipate that is a actual fair point and aswell speaks to the abstract acceleration of “perv” glasses a part of this actual aforementioned demographic. Replica oakley sunglasses atom acrimony because they aren’t advised for the blow of us — fleshy, withering, influence-less normies who, accustomed the choice, would apparently accept our sunglasses awning our abounding eyeballs, thanks. But this is aswell just how appearance trends are, and because tiny sunglasses accept already trickled down to burghal arcade malls and artery vendors, it’s not acceptable that they’ll endure all that abundant longer. Once us normies get ahold of something, it is, as the old adage goes, “over for you hoes.”

Princess Anne Is Replica Sunglasses Influencer

When it comes to royals with a signature accessory, Princess Charlotte has her hairbows, the Queen has her colossal brooches, and Princess Anne, apparently, has her shades.

At a amount of contempo engagements, including today’s garden affair at Buckingham Palace, the Princess Royal has been apparent antic a arresting brace of cheap Adidas sunglasses. Agnate to the Matrix-esque eyewear that accept been spotted on runways and abundant starlets’ Instagram accounts, the affected accent creates absolutely the look, abnormally if commutual with Anne’s contrarily bourgeois attire.

For example, today, she wore them with a yellow-and-brown dress with analogous jacket, a floral fascinator, pearls, and applied amber pumps.

The polarized lenses, which are added about acclimated for acute able-bodied training than a day adorning out in the garden, absolutely add addition ambit to the royal’s prim and able aesthetic, and we wouldn’t be afraid if she starts a trend this summer.

Want your own brace of royal-approved specs? Shop a few agnate styles below, again accumulate scrolling to see all the times Anne has beat the frames.

Cheap Adidas Tourpro L Aviator Sunglasses, $17

Best Oakley Flight Jacket Sunglasses Review

Everything is cyclic. Lairy fluoro came back, tan-wall tyres came back, suspension on road bikes came back, and now big-ass sunglasses a la Andy Hampsten and Greg LeMond have come back. There is nothing new under the sun, which these Oakley Flight Jackets have been expressly designed to be under.

Whys and wherefores

I’m going to jump straight in here and ask the question you probably think every time you see a new pair of shades being released and reviewed. What’s the point? Or moreover, why should I care?

With the Flight Jackets the answer is ‘Yes’, there is more here than just another pair of sunnies in a different shape. These are better than your average glasses in (almost) every way.

First, the lenses. Oaklet’s Prizm lenses are honestly second to none. Rudy Project do some fantastic photochromatic lenses, Smith do lenses with fantastically wide coverage, but Oakley’s Prizm lenses genuinely improve vision on the bike; they are better than just the naked eye for clarity. That isn’t just marketing gumph.

They have been tuned (no, seriously) to augment certain colours and filter others using ‘hyperpectral imaging’, which apparently satellites use to better see things from space.

On a road bike it means the sharpness of a road surface is increased noticeably, and I could really see more detail with the Flight Jackets on than off, which in theory means I react quicker to things, eg patches of gravel, errant stones, tyre-deflecting sticks.

It’s along the lines of the way reaction times slow as light fades. The more you can see in the greater detail, the better chance you have of reacting to it in time.

For more visit

Oakley has also chosen to boost blues and greens (hyperspectral imaging basically means filtering some wave lengths of light in order to make other stand out more), which gives everything a dreamy Instagram filter look.

Not all riders will like that aspect of course, but Prizm lenses certainly make dull days look more inviting, and bright days feel like a movie. Prizm lenses are available on a host of cheap Oakley glasses, not just the Flight Jackets, and come in a variety of types for different sports, including Prizm Fishing, which Oakley alleges boost ‘green and coopers hues that define hiding spots’.

Those carp ain’t got a chance. So maybe just get some Prizm lenses for your current Oakleys, which is quite possible. But, the Flight Jackets have more to offer than any pair of replica Oakleys – or cycling sunglasses – I’ve ever tried.

Replica Sunglasses Get Big And Bold For Summer

Models in Versace and Prada sunglasses.

With the summer nudging 40 degrees Celsius, it’s time to put your best shades forward. As luck would have it, there’s no going wrong with trends this season when it comes to eyewear. Whether you have a soft spot for ultra-light frames with prints and embellishments, rimless glasses in geometric shapes and funky colours, or razor-sharp reflectors, everything is in. Besides meek eyes, that is. Basically, go big, or stay home.

Trims on rims

Embellishments glimmer and dance off the edges in this season’s eyewear, be it pearls on Gucci designs, crystal accents on Miu Miu, and 3D forms, gemstones, or even raffia on Dolce & Gabbana frames. Over-the-top frames that dodge frills can be just as striking, as seen in Tory Burch’s densely patterned frames. Meanwhile, Versace went their signature wild way in Spring/Summer 2018 (SS18) with butterfly- and baroque-print replica sunglasses. Whoever said less is more?

Tints and reflectors

You can’t hide behind sheer tints that leave the eyes open to expression. Discover an entire spectrum of colours, from shades such as Fendi’s pale pink and Sonia Rykiel’s pastel blue to more striking hues like Spektre’s military green and Dior’s acid yellow. If you prefer opaque eyewear, try reflectors from labels like Paco Rabanne or Concept Korea.

Models in Versace and Prada sunglasses.

Feline fix

Glasses reminiscent of those worn by characters in the Matrix movies are big this season, especially cat-eye shapes with sharp upturned edges and smaller lenses, spotted in the SS18 collections of replica Prada and Céline. For a statement spin, opt for classic retro patterns or look for added details like the studded numbers from Moschino and Marc Jacobs, or Ferragamo’s colour-blocked frames.


Once you stop purring over cat eyes, turn to Stella McCartney’s oversized octagonal shades or Jimmy Choo’s round frames with embellished edges. Korean brand Irresistor, winner at the 10th International Design Awards in 2017 for its “Biker” style, adds a creative twist to geometric design, its latest collection being inspired by a parabola, while New York label Haze’s collaborative design with Baja East in a unique palm-leaf pattern is instantly beach-ready.

Indie Eye for Rajesh Pratap Singh at the Amazon India Fashion Week.

Big and sporty

Big statement replica sunglasses are having a moment, especially those with a sporty appeal. Case in point, ski aviators from Emilio Pucci, Prada’s conceptual aviators, Chanel’s “Butterfly Summer” lenses that flow over the bridge and Altuzarra’s large teardrop-shaped frames brimming with the classic aviator haute appeal.

Oversized frames with avant-garde trimming are also part of emerging Indian eyewear label Indie Eye’s collections—their replica sunglasses, with curved aggressive bridges and thick frames, were spotted at Amazon India Fashion Week SS18 for designers Rajesh Pratap Singh and JJ Valaya, respectively.

Wire frames

Ultra-light frames and rimless shades with edgy cutouts are the very opposite of big statement glasses in shape, but pack quite the punch. Trendsetting designer Victoria Beckham and Hong Kong-based Percy Lau put out edgy metal bridges for SS18. Emporio Armani went colourful and rimless while Prabal Gurung turned semi-rimless on its head, with frame-free bits showcased on top with bright tints. Asian brands are also acing the trend, like China-based Renoner and Jinnnn, and of-the-moment Korean label Fixxative, which mix sharp contemporary aesthetics with fuss-free urban sensibilities.

Wear Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses All Summer Long

Ray-Bans are a summertime staple. If it’s time for you to upgrade your shades, have a look at cheap Ray-Ban Justin Classic Polarized Sunglasses, which are 39% off right now on The Daily Beast Shop.

They’re inspired by the iconic Wayfarer model, featuring a rectangular, matte black frame and lenses that are perfect for any occasion. The polarized lenses will protect your eyes on even the brightest days, and the durable build ensures they’ll last for multiple seasons.

Usually, the cheap Ray-Ban Justin Classic Polarized Sunglasses are $163, but you can get them now for $99.

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